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You Asked: His Mom Doesn't Want Us to Date

Dear Sugar,

I've been on and off with my boyfriend of two years, and recently everything seemed to be going in a good direction with us, but in the past few weeks, he hasn't been answering my calls or texts. When I finally got a hold of him, we went out to eat and he told me his mom doesn't want us to date anymore.

I don't understand why he listens to her. I think my feelings for him are stronger than his feelings toward me. I'm trying to forget about his mother, but it's hard, I miss him. Should I try to get back together with him or is it a worthless battle?

—Dating a Momma's Boy Barbara

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Dear Dating a Momma's Boy Barbara,

Since you say that over your two-year relationship it's been hot and cold, I think this guy may be using his mother as an excuse to end it for good. I'll agree that it's kind of a wimpy way to go about it, and if he doesn't think you guys should be together, he should just be honest with you. Either way, he doesn't sound like a very trustworthy or honest guy to be in a relationship with.

Breaking up with your boyfriend is never easy, especially when you've been together for so long, but the thing is, relationships aren't supposed to be this hard. If you are constantly on a roller coaster of being together, then breaking up, again and again, there's obviously something wrong. Sure, of course relationships aren't perfectly blissful all the time, but they're definitely supposed to be mostly great and wonderful. If this guy isn't meant for you, there's someone out there who is.

I have faith that you will heal and become a stronger woman from this experience. Feeling heartache is one of the worst feelings in the world. The only thing great about having your heart broken, is that when you finally do fall in love, you'll know it because you'll have the opposite feelings to compare it to. I hope this helps.


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