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Dear Sugar,

I'm a 23-year-old single mom who has decided to start dating after the end of a seven-year relationship with the only man I've ever been with. I'm trying to figure out how to balance between my love life and taking care of my 2-month-old baby. I've barely gone out since she was born. We've spent so much wonderful, quality time together, and I don't want to sacrifice any of that for my own selfish desires. Do you have any advice for balancing the two?

— Balancing Baby Life Lillian

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Dear Balancing Baby Life Lillian,

There's no doubt about it, balancing a baby with anything else can seem nearly impossible much of time. But every mom needs a few hours off once in a while, whether it's an opportunity for a quick snooze or dinner with friends. Though the scale will undoubtedly stay tipped to the mom side — as it should be! — it's OK to enjoy yourself without your baby. Since your baby is so young, and you're still adjusting to being a mom and a single woman, I suggest moving slowly.

Start with an hour or two away during the day, and work yourself up to an evening out. Make sure you have a great babysitter — family, friend, or otherwise — so you won't have to feel plagued with nerves while you're out. And definitely avoid planning too many social occasions too closely to one another. You want to make sure you still have more than enough opportunities to get all of that quality time in. As long as you don't let your social life take over or impede your mom time then I think over time you should have no problems making a healthy transition back into the dating pool.


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