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Dear Sugar,

I recently went on a "date" with an acquaintance from college. We had recently been interacting through an online social network, and she happened to be visiting the city I was in at the moment. We met up and had some good conversation over coffee. It lasted four hours, and the time flew by quickly. During the date I noticed her playing with her hair, smiling, and mimicking my actions. All signs of flirting or showing interest, I heard. As we talked I became more and more attracted her; she has qualities that I really like in a female companion, and we related on a lot of similar topics. Now there is a possibility that she may be in town again visiting family. We said that we will try and meet up if possible.

How do I go about expressing my feelings to her? How do I know if she feels the same? We had an amazing time and there was definitely a connection, but I also do not want to lose our friendship over this.

— Full of Emotions Emmet

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Dear Full of Emotions Emmet,

It definitely sounds like your crush enjoyed her time with you, and after you hang out with her again, I'm sure you'll feel more certain about her feelings. Unfortunately one of the most difficult things about starting a relationship is that it requires you to put yourself out there. And of course once you do, you make yourself vulnerable to rejection and, potentially, the loss of a friend. But you also become available to gaining something really special.

Since it's still early on, try giving things a bit more time to develop. I wouldn't be surprised if after you've spent more time together, a moment will arise when sharing your feelings would seem natural. In the meantime, there's nothing wrong with just coming out and saying that you're having a great time with her and would love to do more together; just be sure to follow through! All that matters in the end is that you're honest about your feelings and respectful of hers; any woman will appreciate that.


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