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You Asked: I Can't Control My Mood Swings

Dear Sugar,

I have been dating this great man — he is 44 and I'm 35 — with whom I recently moved in. Things have been great, except for some personal issues I'm encountering. Often when I come home from work or sometimes completely out of the blue, I become an emotional wreck! I cry for no reason, and I know he just doesn't understand what's going on. I often end up fighting with my daughter and getting angry with my son. I was in a 14-year marriage that was very hard on me, so I don't know why I can't be happy now that things are so much better. Other than my strange mood swings, everything feels right for once. I feel terrible about the way I'm acting, but it almost seems like I have no control over this. What can I do before I hurt my relationships?

— Emotional Wreck Emeline

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Dear Emotional Wreck Emeline,

Many things can affect a woman's mood and emotions, and most women suffer from some form of mood swings at some point in the course of their lives. However, if this has been going on for a while, and if they're affecting your personal life, it's definitely cause for concern. It's important to be sure that there isn't some emotional issue lurking just under the surface of your consciousness causing these feelings of sadness. Are you dealing with a lot of stress at work? Is it possible that starting a new life with your boyfriend is bringing up older issues from your previous marriage?

If you're having a difficult time processing this, make an appointment with a therapist. Because so many emotional issues can be related to fluctuating hormones, it's also a good idea to make an appointment with your regular physician or gynecologist to make sure that your body is working as it should. As far as your relationship is concerned, explain to your boyfriend that you're unsure why you've been feeling this way but that you're going to do everything you can to remedy it. And don't forget to let him know how he can help, too!


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