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Dear Sugar,

Last year I met this guy who is pretty much my ideal man. He's funny, sweet, athletic, smart — I could go on and on. Anyway, we met at work and he was my supervisor for a while. We no longer work together, but I see him quite often. Needless to say, I developed quite a crush on him; however, I have no idea if he knows this or even how he feels about me. From the things he says to me, my friends think the feeling is mutual, but I’m not sure because he’s always so sweet to everyone and therefore what he’s saying to me might not be the special something they seem to think it is. I’d like to drop the hint that I have a crush on him and see how he responds, but I’m not sure how to go about doing this. Both of us are pretty shy, so I don’t think I could just come right out and tell him without scaring him off or making a complete fool of myself. Would it seem immature and high-schoolish of me to ask one of my friends to drop the hint? — Scared to Be Daring Dara

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Dear Scared to Be Daring Dara,

The only way you'll ever know if this guy feels the same way about you is by putting out your feelers. Sure, exposing yourself can be very scary, so if you'd feel more comfortable having your friend drop a hint, go for it! Why not? To avoid sounding immature, make sure she uses tact and ask her to make her hint very subtle.

Once she's done her part, you're going to have to step up and do your part too. Going a little out of your comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding, so flirt with him! Give him the interested vibe without being too pushy. Remember, guys can be very insecure, and sometimes the fear of rejection can be too crippling to even take a chance, so if your crush senses that you have feelings for him, chances are he'll step out of his box too. Good luck!


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