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You Asked: Will My Belly Button be Like This Forever?

Dear Sugar--

I was playing a soccer game, and my belly button ring broke and fell out
without me noticing. Once I did notice, I couldn't do anything. I only got it pierced a couple months ago, so the piercing was still fresh. The only way I could keep the hole open was to put my regular earring through the hole. The only problem is I had to shove my earring through the hole because the bar on my earring wasn't as big as the barbell bar.

So when I got home and switched the earring to a barbell, I noticed my whole was stretched out, and I saw more of the barbell then I did before. I really don't like the way it looks now, will my skin tighten up and go back to the way it was before? Or will it be like this forever?

--Curious Carrie

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Dear Curious Carrie--

That was so resourceful of you to use your earring! Don't worry about the way your piercing looks right now. Skin is very elastic. You know how you were worried that the hole would close up entirely? Since the thicker earring was only in your belly button hole for a short time, and then you switched it back to the smaller size, the skin should soon shrink back to how it was before.

Jewelry and sports just don't mix, so maybe next time you can cover your belly button with some medical tape or a big band-aid. That way your jewelry won't fall out, get snagged on your clothes, or get accidentally yanked out. In addition, make sure you care for your pierce properly. To learn how, click here. Hope this helps!


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