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You Asked: My Friends Don't Understand Why I Love My Job

You Asked: My Friends Don't Understand Why I Love My Job

Dear Sugar,

I have recently landed a great new job. The most important thing is that I have worked really hard to get here, but my friends are super negative about it. It has gotten to the point where I lie about being happy in my job just so they'll back off. Though I never go into detail, this seems to make my friends feel better, but the truth is, my new job is really hard, and I love the challenge! How can I relay this message to the people I love without making them uncomfortable? I want to be honest without bragging, but every time I say anything positive, I get serious backlash. Please help! — Actually Happy Annie

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Dear Actually Happy Annie,

Since I don't know much detail here, I will just say that it sounds as though your friends are simply jealous of your new job. Finding something you love to do that presents a welcoming challenge is no small feat, so you should indeed relish it! Lying just to appease them can't last forever, so the next time one of your friends gives you any flack, just be honest with them! Tell them that you're sorry that they don't understand, but you actually really enjoy your job, and leave it at that. Chances are, they'll feel stupid for making you feel guilty for feeling otherwise, and it'll never be a topic of conversation again. You should be proud of yourself for working hard to get to where you are today, Annie, and if your friends don't understand that, you might want to reevaluate the role these people play in your life. Friendship is all about love and support and from the sounds of it, you are getting the exact opposite reaction.


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