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Dear Sugar,

I've dated my girlfriend for six years. In general, our relationship has been great with the exception of one thing — she hates my parents. They can be control freaks sometimes, but they've never done anything to make her hate them. Her resistance to my family has caused a major rift in our relationship, and she recently told me that she wants to end things. She says she loves me, but doesn't want my parents to "abuse and bully her" for the rest of her life if we get married.

I love my girlfriend, but I love my parents, too. Is it worth trying to reconcile this relationship, or is this just a no-win situation? — In a Bind Barry

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Dear In a Bind Barry,

I am really sorry to hear about this predicament you're in — I can only imagine how hard that must be for you. You say your parent's have never done anything to make your girlfriend dislike them, but are you sure you know all the information? Even if they have clashing personalities, her strong aversion to them makes me think there is something more to this story.

Six years is a long time to be with someone, so I definitely don't think you should end the relationship without giving it a fighting chance. But if she's just not willing to budge, or at least agree to be cordial to your parents, I don't see how this relationship can work. I wish you luck, Barry.


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