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You Asked: Is This Relationship Going to Work?

Dear Sugar,

I live over 3,000 miles from my boyfriend (he goes to school in New York, I go to school in Colorado), and well, it's difficult to say the least. We have a really good relationship for being so far away and I love him with all my heart, but I just don't know if it's wise to stay in this relationship and wait for him for four years to see if things will work.

We talk constantly about getting married, but he wants to save money and propose with the ring of my dreams. I could actually care less if we get married with rings or without, i just want to marry him. Should I be worried that he won't propose until after landing a decent paying job or is he putting off our engagement because he really doesn't want to ask me? — At a Loss Annie

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Dear At a Loss Annie,

Something tells me that since you're questioning whether or not your boyfriend is worth waiting for, that you aren't as ready to make a life long commitment to him as you might think you are. Sure, long distance relationships are tough, especially when you're still in school, but if you're both willing to put forth the effort to make it work, meaning open lines of communication, honesty and a lot of travel, it can be done. My advice to you is to not sweat the future just yet. If it's simply too hard to be happy with the distance between you, perhaps you should cool things off until you're able to live in the same city. If you want to stay together, let him know how much you love him regardless of what kind of ring you wear.

Take a step back and listen to what your heart is saying. It's easy to get carried away with thinking about the future, but try to stay present and enjoy the relationship you have now. If you do end up together, you have your entire lives to be married so enjoy the fun of dating while you can. Good luck.


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