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You Asked: Ridiculed For What I Love

DearSugar --

I love to read. Period. Reading is like getting wings, lifting me above the boring routine of everything. I have a book all the time. In the car (when I'm a passenger), in school, at lunch, EVERYWHERE. It's because life is so boring. But every day, I get ridiculed for doing something I love. People call me a sicko for reading so much. It shouldn't hurt me, but it does. How do I ignore them successfully?
~ Bookish Betty

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Dear Bookish Betty --

I love that you love to read. Seriously, I think it's one of the coolest things that people do. Trust me when I tell you that the very same people who give you a hard time for reading would be giving you a hard time for something else if you loved that. People can be like that sometimes, and I wish it weren't true.

I know that it hurts, Betty, and I don't know if it's possible to change the fact that it hurts. The most important thing to do around the hurt is to know, with complete certainty, that it will lessen with time, that you will meet other people who share your passion and intelligence, and that what's wrong in this situation has nothing whatsoever to do with you, but with the unkindness, insecurities, and foolishness of others. The problem belongs to others, Betty. You'll need to remain strong and proud, and you'll need to guard against believing their nonsense.

On a different note, Betty, I encourage you to look around a little, to listen and to interact with good people. All the things in the books you love are things the writers observed, heard and experienced, and transformed into words in your books. While life can be strange and mysterious, difficult and boring, that's only part of what it's like. It's our responsibility to discover the rest, to find it and share it. Have experiences, Bookish Betty, don't only read about them. When you do this, I promise what you discover in books will become even more magical and beautiful.

I found a few websites for you, too. I'm guessing you'll meet some people through them who share your love of reading and who will appreciate your passion for it, Betty. There are a lot of us out here, I promise.

Looks to be some cool resources here. And this is an internet public library with tons of links for books, zines, online reading lists and clubs, etc!


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