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You Asked: Should I Continue to Pursue Him?

Dear Sugar,

I've known this guy for about three months now and in the beginning of our quasi relationship, he was really sweet and attentive — I could really feel that he liked me. But since then, he's been really hot and cold. One day he acts like he really cares about me, but then the next couple of days he's less responsive and it feels like he's completely lost interest. I've tried talking to him about the way I feel but he just reassures me that nothing is wrong. I don't know if I should let him go or keep trying to make things better. What should my next move be? — Trying to Make it Work Talia

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Dear Trying to Make it Work Talia,

Being in limbo while in a relationship is never a comforting feeling, and since he claims that everything is alright between you two, you're going to have to trust your female intuition on this one. If you don't think he's committed, or even all that interested, you need to decide if what he's able to give you is enough to make you happy, but before making a decision one way or the other, I suggesting having another heart to heart with him.

If he's still not forthcoming with his feelings, and if you continue to feel unsure, I'd say it's time to move on. If he opens up to you and expresses his feelings, give it a little more time — he might just want to take things slow. Whatever you do Talia, make sure you're not selling yourself short.


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