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Dear Sugar,
I have been dating my boyfriend for three months. He is 21 and I am 24. I recently graduated and it has always been my intention to move out of state after I completed school but now I feel very confused about my dreams for the future. My boyfriend still has a year left in college. When we started dating I told myself it would be "just a casual" thing but the more time we spend together the more and more I care for him and the harder the idea of a long distance relationship seems. I still really would like to move but I don't want to pressure him into moving somewhere that he is not crazy about. What should I do? Should I sacrifice my original plans and form new ones or should I do what I want and hope he is along for the ride? — Stuck Sally

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Dear Stuck Sally,

Since your boyfriend has another year of school left, could you move out of state while he is finishing his senior year? Long distance relationships aren't ideal, but they can work, especially when there is an end in sight. Have you asked your boyfriend if he would be willing to move with you after graduation?

Just because you have only been dating a short amount of time, you can't deny a real connection with someone, so if you feel in your gut that this is something special, try to compromise with your boyfriend. You wouldn't put your dreams on the back burner while he finished his commitments either, but at the same time, you don't want to give up on love. This is a question only you can answer Sally so be open with your boyfriend, weigh all your options, and trust your gut instincts. Good luck to you!


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