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Dear Sugar,

This past Summer, I finally took the plunge and had a nose job. It wasn't anything too drastic — I just removed the bump I had always hated — and though most people cannot pinpoint what's so different about me, I feel like it has made a huge impact on my self-esteem. I have only told my closest friends and nobody else has asked.

So my question is really about my new boyfriend. He didn't know me before I had the rhinoplasty so is it something that I should tell him, or is it one of those things that doesn't really matter? I don't know why, but I have the urge to tell him as this was a big life-altering experience for me. But I don't want to give him the wrong impression — I'm not a vain person by any means. What do you think? — Wanting to Confess Carry

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Dear Wanting to Confess Carry,

Whether you're for or against plastic surgery, it's a personal decision that you should not be ashamed of. Clearly it did wonders for your self-esteem, so while I understand that you don't want to shout this news from the rooftops. If you have an urge to tell your boyfriend, I say go for it — after all, he'll probably figure it out sooner than later as old photos don't lie!

Yes, plastic surgery often comes with negative stigmas, but if your boyfriend is going to judge you for doing something for yourself, he might just not be the guy for you. Good luck!


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