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Dear Sugar,

I recently started dating a new guy. We hung out all last weekend and it was amazing. We are supposed to hang out tonight with our mutual friends, but I have a small problem — I have a cold sore on my lip and I'm not sure if I should be forthright about it or if I should even go out at all.

I really like this guy and I don't want to scare him away with an "STD" on my lip. Also, we have kissed before and I'm afraid that he'll try to kiss me and I'll have to explain this mess. My friends think I should go because it's his problem if he judges, but I'm just not sure. What do you think? — Embarrassed Emily

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Dear Embarrassed Emily,

I'm sorry that you're dealing with a cold sore right now, that can't be any fun. While your girlfriends have a point, I can also completely understand why you would want to skip out on the night altogether to avoid a potentially awkward situation. If I had to put myself in your shoes, I'd probably stay home even though some would say it's the easy way out.

If you and this guy end up dating, the fact that you get cold sores on your mouth is going to have to be discussed, but the timing has to be right. If you don't feel like you're ready to confide in him yet, and if you can't gage what his reaction could be, I'd sit this date out. If you think he can be a mature adult about it, I'd enjoy a fun night out with all your friends and not let your cold sore get the best of you. Only you can make this decision so do whatever feels right. Good luck!


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