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Dear Sugar,

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years and he just doesn't seem to have any time for me anymore. He tells me everyday that he loves me, but I've only seen him twice over the past week. I feel like we are growing apart. I love him more than anything so can you tell me what I should do? Should I stay with him or let him go his way and I go mine? — At a Loss Laurie

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Dear At a Loss Laurie,

Feeling like you're growing apart from the man you love is a terrible feeling, but let's make sure you're not over reacting here. Having to juggle work, family, friends and a relationship can be incredibly difficult, especially when you're trying to please everyone. Has he been over loaded with work or preoccupied with anything lately? Have you only felt the distance this week or has this been an ongoing issue?

When you're together with someone for three years, the honeymoon period can feel like a distant memory, but you can get the romance back with a little effort from both of you. Try making a few date nights per week so you're guaranteed time together. Add some excitement back into your relationship — surprise him with a candle lit dinner or take him away for the weekend so you can reconnect.

If your female intuition is telling you you're growing apart despite his efforts of telling you he loves you, the only thing you can do is talk to him about your feelings. Ask him what you can do to get things back on track but don't give up without putting up a fight. I wish you luck and hopefully you're just having an off week.


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