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Dear Sugar,

I met this great guy a month ago and he is truly wonderful. We had our first kiss on Valentine's Day (yeah, I know, kind of cliche but I don't care!) and ever since we have been going out on dates. We hold hands, hug, kiss, hook up, but we haven't yet had sex. Anyway, I met his parents a week ago, we had dinner at their house, and they acted like they've known me for years (mind you, this was only the second time meeting them!). He has even told me that he wants to spend more quality time with me and he hates leaving me. But here's the thing, we aren't necessarily boyfriend/girlfriend. My question is when would it be appropriate to bring up this topic with him? Is it too soon to label our relationship?
— Curious Cassie

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Dear Curious Cassie,

Since you've been hanging out for two months now, and you've met the parents on more than one occasion, I think you have every right to inquire about the status of your relationship. It sounds like he's pretty open with his feelings towards you, telling you that he wants to spend more quality time together and getting upset when you're apart, so the next time you hang out, bring it up! If you're not comfortable saying something direct, say something flirty and cute like, "So, what are you telling your parents about us?" or "Are you bringing any other girls home to meet your family like you have me?" Your questions are legit, but if you ask them in a cheeky manor, it will be much easier for him to answer.

The thing about relationships is that they are all different. There's no right or wrong time for couples to label their status, meet the family, move in together, even get engaged. You must follow your own feelings, trust your gut and do whatever works for you. It sounds like things are progressing well so keep up the good work and keep the lines of communication open. Starting off your relationship on the honest foot will lead to a good foundation later down the road.


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