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You Asked: Why Can't I Lose Weight?

You Asked: Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Dear Sugar,
I am 22 years old and am a healthy girl. I don't eat junk food or sweets and I hate chocolate. I pretty much live on my greens. I'm not fat and I'm not skinny. I exercise every day and I'm generally a very active person but I just can't seem to lose weight! I don't want to lose a lot; I just want to get back into the shape I was in a few years ago. I've been on every diet possible and I've even been to the doctor about it, yet nothing has worked. I even went to the extreme of starving myself for days, and even that didn't work.

I'm completely stuck of what to do! I recently got fired from my job too, and my love life has been nonexistent for the past year and half, my sex drive is completely gone, and I'm becoming resistant to even leave the house. Please offer some advice.
— Really Trying Regina

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Dear Really Trying Regina,

Trying to take off those last few pounds can be the most frustrating task on earth, I know, but it sounds like you are doing everything you should be doing to get your desired results. Since you're going through an emotional time right now, the stress could be making it harder for the weight to come off. Also, I happen to think that overthinking weight loss has the opposite effect — it seems like when I don't put so much thought into it, it's easier for me to lose weight.

As we all know, fad diets do not work — sticking to a healthy diet and getting your heart rate up does. Avoid eating late at night and keep the drinking to a minimum. E. Jean said it best: Everything in moderation. Keep exercising, keep eating healthy, and try not to obsess too much on the number on the scale; rather pay more attention to how you feel inside. If the weather is cooperating, take walks outside with friends so your exercise won't seem like such a chore. If you're feeling depressed, use your friends and family for support as keeping your feelings bottled up inside won't make them go away. Losing weight doesn't happen over night so stay patient and keep your spirits high. Good luck.


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