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David Beckham is quoted in the September issue of Men's Health as saying, "I'm a really bad loser. It stays with me for a while. I always take it quite personally when we don't win as a team or I don't win in everything else I do." Since he's a professional athlete, I understand the desire to win as a team, but when it comes to our personal lives, I think experiencing some loss is actually a good thing. Of course, it's never fun to be a defeated, but knowing how to cope with not being the best at everything, every time, can really be a character-building realization. I'm sure we all know our fair share of poor sports, but tell me, are you a bad loser?

Marni7 Marni7 9 years
I am a bad loser, I get really competitive about stuff. Like yesterday I was playing tennis with the boy and wanted to kill him cus he was making me crazy joking around so much lol..some days im ok with having fun but the majority of the time im focused on playing and winning p.s: krrn, i was a cheerleader too and fully agree that it is a sport ;)
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
I'm pretty competitive, so I'm a sore loser. However, I'm not that sore of a loser when it comes to something I'm not particularly interested in mastering, i.e. sports and most board games. The only time I get annoyed is when I lose Scrabble to my boyfriend. Everything else, I couldn't care less. I HATE losing an argument, but I know when I'm wrong. I'll just take it as a life lesson, even if I feel a bit flustered and embarrassed.
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 9 years
I am a terrrible looser. I never really played sports, so I never got to learn real sportsmanship. For example, if I try something once, I expect myself to be perfect at it. If not, I throw a hissy fit and quit.
krrn krrn 9 years
i'm a bad loser. i think it stems from being incredibly competitive. i was a cheerleader in high school (i know some think it's not a sport) but we competed in several competitions a year (local ones, sectionals, nationals, etc.) if we didn't make at least 3rd, i would be mad but i guess it depended on what happened. one year we scored 1st in every competition, so after that i would get mad if we did poorly. one year at a huge competition, we placed 5th which is pretty good considering how many teams competed but we dropped half of our stunts and i was so frustrated i was crying and flipping out. it was only because i knew we could do better. i wasn't trying to be a brat but we had practiced our routine for so long that it frustrated me that we fucked up after all that time and dedication. but this competitiveness has come from my whole life though, i cheered in HS but growing up i played baseball, basketball, soccer, and played football all the time for fun. i have just always been competitive and thus a bad loser because of this. this past year, my senior year of college, i played on an intermural softball team and i was such a bad loser. we basically lost because of a bunch of bad calls and bullshit and i was flipping out the whole time. so in retrospect i guess i've lost enough in my life to have "character building" experiences but i can't help but realize that i am a bad loser and i think i always will be. i just absolutely HATE losing.
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