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Are You a CAT Person or a DOG Person?

Whether you prefer having a cat or a dog as a pet can say a lot about your personality. Here's a list of traits for each, and you can be the judge if there's any truth to it.

Cat owners tend to be...

Dog owners tend to be...
  • introverted, self-conscious, shy, secretive, sensitive
  • interested in quieter pursuits like reading, watching movies and videos, music, etc.
  • Are homebodies or prefer quiet places
  • Like their creature comforts and although they expect people to notice them, they tend not to boast, preferring to draw attention to themselves in less direct ways
  • Have a small circle of close friends rather than a larger group
  • extroverted, eager, unembarrassed, open
  • Interested in sports, adventuring, exploring, and outdoor pursuits
  • Like to be busy and go out a lot, like loud places like parties
  • They tease and pick on each other in a friendly way, and like talking and boasting about their accomplishments
  • Have a large circle of friends and acquaintances and they make friends easily

So what do you think? Does having a cat or dog reveal anything about its owner? Do any of these characteristics apply to you or anyone you know?

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