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Litew8lady Litew8lady 10 years
If you hate flossing you should try using those floss picks, they're actually REALLY addicting and you can get a bag of them for like $1 or $2.
haze1nut haze1nut 10 years
my bf reminds me to flosss everytime i brush my teeth! sometimes it's annoying but i really do need to!
demeter demeter 10 years
Good, cause I hate flossing!
Megatron Megatron 10 years
I actually got introduced to these really nifty things that make it easy to floss. They kinda look like toothpicks, but they have a brush like thing attached to the end. They are, like, $2.50 for 3 of them at Target. Greatest thing ever!
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Yea i really dont mind it either cravinsugar!
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
This suprises me because I absolutely LOVE flossing my teeth. Infact, I loathe when i can't do it! _________________________________________________________ Why don't you wear the face you have when I am not around?
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