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Though she may not have won our favorite female comedian poll, Margaret Cho has many moments of brilliance. And judging by this extended trailer for The Cho Show (premiering Aug. 21 on VH1), her new reality series is full of 'em.

I particularly love the bit about her mom's distaste for tattoos — unless it's tattooed makeup, of course — and the encounter with Gary Busey. Check out the vid and tell me: Are you excited for The Cho Show?

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thetoneishopeful thetoneishopeful 8 years
i'm going to give it a chance before i pass any judgements on how she represents korean/asian culture. bcuz quite frankly folks, we're in america and well, regardless of the fact that we broadcast our ethnicity out there, we are all americans and that skews our embracement of our ethnicity (you know what i mean?) so don't hate on her!
bibelot bibelot 9 years
I think Margaret Cho is funny - yes, she's over-the-top, but I admire her for being honest about her struggles to figure out what works, and how she can be both successful and happy. Good for her getting her own show!
tokki83 tokki83 9 years
i'm korean too! and i love her!!! good for her!!!!
annietym annietym 9 years
well.. i'm korean and i think she's great. so yes i am excited for the cho show! and her parents look like they're really cool.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Sorry, I'm Asian and she just embarrasses me. Can't even stand the sound of her voice.
puddlesworth puddlesworth 9 years
I couldn't watch the whole video, its way too gross.
passionfruittwst passionfruittwst 9 years
While watching this supertrailer, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disgusted. Possibly it is because I am also Korean and seeing her make a fool of herself feels like she is representing our shared culture. Quite frankly, I really don't like Margaret Cho. This show looks like a very messed up version of Kathy Griffin, but way less humorous. Its like something you would watch and laugh, but then regret laughing about afterwards. And what was up with the sentimental ending of the trailer? Please.
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