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If You Gave Birth to a Baby Boy, Would You Have Him Circumcised?

My mom said that when I was a kid, it was pretty common to circumcise your son when he was born. Times were different back then though - my mom also said it wasn't "proper" to whip your boob out in public, so instead of breastfeeding, the nurse put ice packs on her breasts.

Nowadays, we know how important breastfeeding is to the baby's health, and circumcision - well, some people are starting to disagree with it, calling it immoral, and against the baby's wishes (you can't really ask a baby boy if he wants his foreskin removed or not!).

In the 1960s, nearly 90% of American baby boys were circumcised, and in the 1970s, that rate began to drop. In 2004, it was reported that only 57% of baby boys were circumcised. So there has been a definite decline in the amount of newborn males having this operation.

Still many parents do agree with circumcision for many reasons - some want their baby to look like their father, others are following Jewish tradition (boys are circumcised during a ceremony called a bris), and others feel that it's cleaner and may help prevent certain infections, STIs or types of cancer.


So I want to know...

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