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If You Gave Birth to a Baby Boy, Would You Have Him Circumcised?

My mom said that when I was a kid, it was pretty common to circumcise your son when he was born. Times were different back then though - my mom also said it wasn't "proper" to whip your boob out in public, so instead of breastfeeding, the nurse put ice packs on her breasts.

Nowadays, we know how important breastfeeding is to the baby's health, and circumcision - well, some people are starting to disagree with it, calling it immoral, and against the baby's wishes (you can't really ask a baby boy if he wants his foreskin removed or not!).

In the 1960s, nearly 90% of American baby boys were circumcised, and in the 1970s, that rate began to drop. In 2004, it was reported that only 57% of baby boys were circumcised. So there has been a definite decline in the amount of newborn males having this operation.

Still many parents do agree with circumcision for many reasons - some want their baby to look like their father, others are following Jewish tradition (boys are circumcised during a ceremony called a bris), and others feel that it's cleaner and may help prevent certain infections, STIs or types of cancer.


So I want to know...

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thephantomk thephantomk 4 years
@mmaeyen Apparent thing changes over time it doesnt mean that if mens were circumcise will make them all "immune" 100% from the causing of cervical cancer, it just only prevent it "slow down" the spread. And FYI: cervical cancer is cause by: 1. smoking too much cigarette, 2. practice high sex activities (sex with multiple partners), 3. From mens who cant keep themselves "santinary" (under there foreskins)!
mmaeyen mmaeyen 6 years
It's been observed that there're no cases of cervical cancer among Jewish females, the reason being that the males are circumcised. In Europe, where males are not circumcised, the leading cause of death is cervical cancer.
MissQuietlyfication MissQuietlyfication 6 years
a baby is not going to have sex and until then you can teach your son how to wash himself and use a condom
theboxer5 theboxer5 8 years
"RealBlonde : I HATE UNCIRCUMCISED DOODLES!" YUK! to you RealBlonde. I wish they would circumcise your labia because I heard you have fish odor and yeast infection down there. When you urinate, some urine get trapped under your labia. YUK! SMELLY to you RealBlonde. Let's get a scissors and circumcise you now!
calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
being uncircumcised is unhealthy. and in my religion it is a must. by circumcising, ure doing a good thing for ure son, health wise and future wise.
Jules8188 Jules8188 8 years
Why not just have their appendix removed while you're at it?
scolaccij scolaccij 9 years
Um I can't believe what I'm reading from RealBlonde. Apparently she's never seen a real penis. The idea that pee gets stuck in there is hardly possible on most guys. None of my foreskinned friends have foreskins long enough to cover the end of the penis anyway, so the pee would have to travel against gravity and find some hole that wouldn't be pulled back like 5 minutes later (i.e. something other than the foreskin). Also, how do you rectify this problem, RealBlonde? Girls have more of an issue with this and all my girlfriends just wipe and shower. Not sure why that would be much to ask of a guy, I do it (in fact, I can't NOT touch myself in the shower).
scolaccij scolaccij 9 years
HELL NO! These women are so hateful and offensive. Would you give your teenage daughter fake boobs because guys made fun of them? Who cares?! The women who make fun of a real penis shouldn't be dating my son anyway, because they are obviously disrespectful and that is probably not just in regards to penises. I'm a guy and I say no way. I can't believe people actually do this. All those old wives tales about it being healthier would be funny if people didn't actually believe it. I can't believe people buy this stuff. The reason people get infections is because they are not clean. That doesn't change between cir'ced or uncirc'd. Look at Europe; almost no one is circumcised and almost no one has problems. Hmmm... I can't agree with toxxic that it's not other people's business. It was not your business to have cosmetic surgery on your child. I wish people had stopped my parents, but they didn't and I was circ'd. I told them how much I hated it when I was older (20s) and they pretended like they had no idea. Just because your children don't say anything about it doesn't mean they don't secretly hate you for it (I mean this for everyone, not just toxxic). I did and I do, even though I love my parents otherwise. They made a very poor and arrogant decision that did not include my feelings. Cameloh and liketysplit you say it's just you, it's a personal decision and to each his own; how come you won't let your son decide then if we're allowed to have differences of opinion? And by the way, you clean his penis the same way you would a cir'c one. The foreskin doesn't even move until he's a couple years old! Your doctor should have told you this.... As for the parents who said their sons didn't cry or got over it quickly, you're pulling the wool over your own eyes. I didn't cry at all (they had anesthesia then), but I've cried many times since over my scars and because I'm not as whole as half of my friends.
desertflower desertflower 9 years
I would not have it done I feel like it is mutilation. I think if he wants it done he can have done when he is older. Its not that hard to clean; his body his choice. I think as babies uncircumcised penises look better.
allien86 allien86 9 years
My bf and I have discussed it for our future sons (if we have any) and have decided not to get it done. Cannot see any reason for it and if the child grows older and wants it done then thats fine.
reese05 reese05 9 years
This is embarrasing but I have never seen an uncirc one... lol
melda melda 9 years
yes definitely I am muslim
getstinko getstinko 9 years
I'm circumsized and my two sons are circumsized. My wife and I thought long and hard about whether we wanted to get them circumsized or not. There really is a stigma in the Eastern US against men who are uncircumsized - I had a roommate who was uncircumsized and it always caused him issues. Girls would complain and he also caught some crap from guys who thought it was odd. As I said both my sons are circumsized and I watched the brief operations - days went by and they were fine. Heck my junk's great. I'm not against uncircumsized dudes, I just think it's cultural and based on my wife and my experience I wanted my sons circumsized to avoid any stigma. I also think that the concerns around circumcision as far as "sensitivity" is concerned is a non-issue.
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