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This or That: You Gave Him an STI or He Passed One on to You?

After a few great weeks spending time together, you and your new guy have decided to take the plunge and become exclusive. Naturally, to celebrate, you get busy but just a few days later, you suddenly have something strange going on downstairs. An emergency trip to the gyno reveals it's an STI. Would it be worse if . . .

This: It turns out that you must have picked this up from your last boyfriend and inadvertently passed it along to your new guy? A quick conversation with your ex reveals that he had signs of it but never mentioned it to you before. You're very upset and utterly humiliated that you have to tell your new boyfriend this news.

Or . . .

That: When you spill the beans to the new guy, he blushes and confesses that his last girlfriend had it, too? Apparently, he didn’t think males could be carriers. You're beyond dumbfounded by his complete lack of knowledge.


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