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If You Had To...

It's baaack! The poll you love to hate. The poll that threatens to kill your libido for the rest of the year. The poll that has you scrambling to turn off your computer monitor before its images of male nonpulchritude are singed onto your retinas forever. That's right. It's If You Had To . . . And this time, I've really taken the gloves off. In the left ring, I present you with shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, whose bedside manner, I imagine, would not only scar you for life; his dark lipstick threatens to stain your pillow cases for eternity. In the right ring, I offer you the once-hot punk icon Iggy Pop (mercifully shirted in this pic). I sense he could leave a greasy stain on something far more important: your soul. So who would you choose to shtup, if you had to . . .


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