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Are You Impulsive or Cautious?

Some people have spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment, daredevil kinds of spirits. They are curious, passionate, bold, and emotional spirits who can follow a whim in a heartbeat. They are not afraid to take risks, or break rules, in fact, they live for moments that challenge them physically and emotionally. They're the types of people who will call and invite you to go to Paris for the weekend, leave memorable memories and are known to be fiery lovers.

Then you've got your cautious and grounded individuals. These people are responsible, careful, and attentive. They do things by the book, stay in the lines, are fearful of change, and love to follow schedules and rules. They'd rather stay in the box than think outside of it. They strive to do the right thing. They're the types of people who will always remember to call you if they're going to be late. These people tend to make wonderful, loyal, and trustworthy friends for life.

Neither one is right or wrong, and actually, most of us tend to have a little bit of each in us, but one side definitely overshadows the other. So how about you? Do you lean towards impulsiveness or caution?


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