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According to Myers-Briggs personality test, we are either naturally introverted or extraverted. It doesn't necessarily mean you either prefer hanging out with other people or by yourself - rather it refers to the determination of your source of energy. Check out this chart and tell me if you are an introvert or extravert.


  • Tend to be more naturally active, expressive, social.
  • They talk more than they listen.
  • They think out loud.
  • They act and then think.
  • Are interested in many things, they have many hobbies.
  • Can sometimes be easily distracted.
  • Prefer being around people a lot.
  • They have high amounts of energy.
  • You are extraverted if being with people gets you excited and energizes you.
  • Tend to be more reserved, quiet, cautious.
  • They listen more than they talk.
  • They think quietly in their head.
  • They think and then act.
  • Are interested in fewer things, but with a greater amount of focus and depth.
  • Have powers of high concentration.
  • Feel comfortable being alone.
  • They have quiet, calm energy.
  • You are introverted if hanging out in a crowd makes you feel tired.
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