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A recent study out of Australia concludes that young women are less likely to buy something if they think the sales people in the store are more beautiful than they.

Because women are "biologically competitive," says Bianca Price of the University of South Australia, these tentative shoppers perceive beautiful women as "direct social threats" even if the product has nothing to do with beauty. In the end, they would rather buy from someone "unattractive." (I wonder if this study informed the "unattractive" sales staff that they were part of some unflattering research!)

This conclusion, she continues, may contradict the success certain brands have when they get beautiful celebrities to endorse their product, but according to Price, "[w]omen may not consider celebrities a direct social threat, but they might consider the girl at their local shopping center to be one.”

So let me get this straight — women are biologically determined to be competitive with each other; women are so intimidated by beautiful women that they won't buy something from them; and if you're shopping, you're a woman, but if you're part of the sales staff, you're a "girl." I'm not buying it!

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