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Are You Into Piercings?

A little while back, I asked you "Are You Into Tattoos" and I got a great response, so that got me thinking about other things people do to accent and decorate their bodies - piercings.

It astounds me just how many different places people can get pierced. I'm cool with your basic pierce, like ones on your ear lobe, nose, eyebrow or bellybutton, but the more creative ones, like on your lip, tongue, neck, or below the belt make me a little uncomfortable, to be honest. When I see them I ask myself "How do they eat with that thing?" or "How much did that hurt!?"

So what about you? Are you attracted to people with piercings? Do they turn you off? Are you okay with certain piercings but not okay with others? What I want to know is, when it comes to people you date, are you into piercings?


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