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Summer weather to me is all about being carefree, happy, and surrounded by friends. Since I am a sun worshipper, it's without a doubt my favorite season leaving ample time for hitting the beach, attending BBQ's, and an excuse for reading trashy novels to name a few.

Unfortunately, for some people, summer is NOT about joy and fun at all. Some people suffer from a rare form of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) known as summer depression. It usually begins in late spring or early summer, and goes away by winter. Scientists aren't exactly sure what causes it, but it may be related to changes in the amount of daylight or heat.

Symptoms of summer SAD include:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Weight loss

About 1% of American adults suffer from summer SAD, and the sufferers are mostly women aged 20-40. It's also more common for people who live at higher altitudes where seasonal changes are more extreme or for people living in hotter climates.

What can people do to combat summer SAD? To find out

  • Summer depression is most likely triggered by the heat, so doing what you can to keep cool to help manage symptoms. Wearing light clothes, drinking cold drinks, taking cold showers, and staying near air-conditioning could make a world of difference.
  • The light may also cause symptoms, so getting out of the sun and into the shade, or inside where it's dark may help.
  • Some sufferers find that the only thing that helps is taking antidepressants.

Dear's advice: If these symptoms sound familiar to you, talk to your doctor about ways you can start feeling better.


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