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When I was a kid, my Kindergarten teacher had to make a special call to my mom to say, "Your daughter has a hard time sharing." It was so true. I coveted the princess gown in the dress-up area, I never wanted to give up the swing at recess, and I never let anyone borrow my crayons. I knew other kids weren't as careful as I was, so I put my 6-year-old foot down and vowed never to share.

I grew out of that as I got older, when I realized that if I borrowed my friend's clothes, my wardrobe almost tripled. We'd even go shopping and plan our purchases based on what we all liked, so we'd have one of each.

I still continued to share occasionally, but I learned that certain friends weren't very responsible with my stuff so now I only share with a couple of close friends who I can really trust.

So what about you? Are you into sharing your clothes? Will you only let certain people borrow from you? Will you only lend away stuff you don't really care about? Or are you done with sharing altogether?


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