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I wonder what Paris Hilton's good friend Kim Kardashian says to her when Paris asks her about her new oil billionaire bad boy boyfriend Brandon Davis?

jaclynn jaclynn 11 years
Thanks... Yeah, I don't know, it's just really hard 'cause I'm really I guess protective of my friends. He's such a jerk it's ridiculous though. And he has terrible hair! haha but I just don't want to be nagging her 'cause I think maybe it'll make her cling to him or something. But she knows he treats her bad and she's just like "Yeah.. I know.." Like.. he's a virgin and she bought him some beef jerky or something and so he owed her $10 and he was like "Can we just forget about the money if I give you good sex" and I mean it's just.. so terrible. I mean she's saving up to buy a new car and everything.. if I didn't know her personally I wouldn't even believe she'd still be with him.
Padraigin Padraigin 11 years
I'd tell her that he was a jerk, but that it was her life not mine, and I would be there to pick up the pieces. But don't expect ME to put up with his crap.
Moongal Moongal 11 years
if she was my BFF of course i would, thats what bestfriends are for, i think she would totally understand, but what she dones after i give her my advise is totally up to her
leslieroses leslieroses 11 years
you inform her that she is dating a TOTAL jerk and then support her from then on in...
emmad18 emmad18 11 years
this is a good poll! really makes you think.
abomb88 abomb88 11 years
That sucks, Jaclynn for your friend. He seems like a real winner. I had a jerk-off boyfriend and my friends were constantly telling me what they thought of him, and I finally took their advice. She will come around.
jaclynn jaclynn 11 years
My best friend's boyfriend is a COMPLETE ass to her. She got into a car accident and he didn't even go visit her for almost a week even though they go to the same college.. she only fractured her hand, but he's treated her a lot worse (like he told her he'll talk about kids one day, then say he thinks they're moving too fast emotionally.. and he always brings up how hot other girls are &tells her about people at our old high school that didn't like her), he has really ugly hair, and he's just not goodlooking at all. She's very attractive and has dated attractive guys, so it's like.. what's up with that?? I feel like I'm nagging her sometimes whenever she tells me something else he's done, I mean I do get very protective of her.. so i'll step back for a while, but it's like.. sometimes I just can't take it!! I mean i'll read what you guys have said, but does anyone else have any ideas..??
siouxsie siouxsie 11 years
is there anyone else out there that thinks these two wastes of space are perfect for each other?
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
tell her to dump him before she get's hurt..
sexyeyes sexyeyes 11 years
I go for #3. Unless I see the guy been a jerk with her then I say something to her about his behavior
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Dear, you have a typo, I think you meant oilY* billionaire bad boy boyfriend... If she's not in danger from some sort of abuser or psycho, I say nothing unless she asks. And even then I'd not be too harsh.
ohsuri ohsuri 11 years
Hahaha Toronado!!! LOVE IT!!!
Toronado Toronado 11 years
Oh, by the way...FIRST!
Toronado Toronado 11 years
"Better you than me..."
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