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You're Fertile and We Know It (It's in Your Voice)

You're Fertile and We Know It (It's in Your Voice)

Now this is interesting! Without even realizing it, a man may be able to know when a woman is most fertile by the sound of her voice. According to a study from the State University of New York at Albany, a woman's voice changes when she's ovulating — it becomes sexier and more alluring. How did scientists figure this out? Women were asked to count from one to 10 at four times throughout their cycles, and their voices were recorded. The ones that were rated most attractive came from women who were ovulating, even when compared to recordings taken from the same women at earlier or later times during their cycles.

What causes this? Sex hormones rise and fall and can affect the way a woman's voice box works. It may be too subtle to really notice, but apparently men can pick up on it and they tend to find a women more attractive because of it. Researchers aren't convinced yet though, and more research needs to be done since this may have less to do with voice changes and more to do with mood changes. Some scientists feel a person just might be more attracted to a happier-sounding woman, rather than where she is in her cycle. So what's your take on this fascinating study?


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