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You're not my Real Dad

You're not my Real Dad

Dear Sugar
My mother has been dating a man for over a year that I simply can not stand. He is rude and disrespectful to me and both of my brothers and he is constantly over stays his welcome in our home.

While I of course want my mother to be happy, this man just rubs me the wrong way and I think it's because he tries too hard to act like our father. He is planning on moving to Vancouver this summer and I will be devastated if he makes us move. How do I make this situation better? Get Him Out Geenie

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Dear Get Him Out Geenie
I am sorry you feel this way. Warming up to a parent's new relationship is bound to take time and work. What is it that you dislike about this man? If he weren't trying to take the place of your father would you have a different outlook on him? Do your brothers feel the same way?

Of course, you want your mom to be happy, but I am sure she would want to know how you were feeling as well. Try sitting down with her and have a mature, adult conversation about your concerns. Ask her what she loves so much about him as you could be overlooking his good side. Hopefully, you will feel better about the situation after a good heart to heart, and you can all try to work towards a better relationship.

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