Get the Saucy Details on the Novel People Are Calling "the Next Fifty Shades of Grey"

What do you do when your father's life depends on you making $1 million in a year's time? You become an high-end escort for extremely wealthy men, naturally. That's where we find the leading lady in Audrey Carlan's new series Calendar Girl at the start of her story. It's been months since E L James followed up the Fifty Shades of Grey series with Christian Grey's own version of the events, but erotic novel fans need wait no more for their dose of sauciness. Here's everything you need to know about what people have dubbed "the next Fifty Shades of Grey."

The plot is involved . . . and VERY sexy.

The gist: Mia Saunders's now-comatose father owes her dangerous loan shark ex-boyfriend big due to gambling debts, and he threatens to kill him if Mia can't pay back $1 million within the year. To make quick cash, Mia takes a job as a high-priced escort (aka the sexy arm candy for rich men). Sex with the men is optional but results in a 20 percent pay increase if Mia chooses. You know, just your average normal-person-type problem with your run-of-the-mill solution.

Author Audrey Carlan was inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

"I read Fifty Shades of Grey, and I loved it," she told Today. "I absolutely loved it. I thought, 'If this woman, a mother, could leave the corporate world, write her story — a story people could connect to — why couldn't I?'"

The story is being released in monthly parts.

Each month of Mia's adventure in Calendar Girl is being released in installments that match up with what's taking place in the novel. She "escorts" a new man each month, so the books are snippets of her time with different clients.

There's a whole lot of sex in it.

Carlan — who avoids the term "soft porn" — calls the novel a steamy "erotic romance." If you want to get your Fifty Shades fix, then Calendar Girl is definitely up your alley. There's money, power, crime, and yes . . . there are even a few contracts involved.

People are eating the books UP.

The installments that have been released are shooting to the top of bestseller lists, and there's already talk of a movie. Audrey Carlan began as a self-published author, but due to her success, she has now signed with a publisher to help keep putting the superhot stories out.

Get a taste of the novel with a very sexy (very NSFW) excerpt:

"You can't wait to see me naked?" The words left my lips in a loose jumble. "That's not included in the contract . . ."

"Oh, I'm well aware of what's in the contract," Wes said as he came over to me, slid a hand around my waist and plastered me against his body. I gasped as the steely ridge of a very large erection pressed into my belly. His gaze scanned my face, and he leaned closer, so close I could feel his breath puff against my heated lips. "If I get you naked, it will not be because I'm paying for it." Wes's lips touched the skin just behind my ear where he placed a gentle, whisper-light kiss. I stayed perfectly still, pleasure rocketing through every limb, each nerve focused, waiting for his next touch. The rough edge of his stubbly chin slid along my smooth one sending shivers down my spine and a wave of heat to settle between my thighs. "You'll drop your clothes for me when you're ready. I won't even have to ask," he whispered before pressing a small kiss to just the edge of my lips.

He pulled back, his green eyes swirling with restrained lust. "I have work to do in my office. Feel free to look around, sunbathe, use the pool. I'll need you ready and wearing a cocktail dress at five sharp. We have a business dinner to attend," and with one last squeeze to my hip, he turned and left. The skin of my hip still felt the phantom imprint of his touch.

"Damn," I said, lightheaded after holding my breath for so long. Once his lips touched down behind my ear, I'd lost the ability to breathe. "He's going to be trouble."