Thanksgiving's About to Get Awkward: Shut It Down

Source: ABC

As much as everyone loooves Thanksgiving, it can have its pitfalls. Namely, annoying family members who want to be all up in your business. Doesn't matter if you're single or taken — they will pry about everything from your weight to your professional life. Prepare yourself with the worst questions to expect and how to dish back some snappy responses.

Q: How is it that you're still single?

A: Well, I'm in love with Ryan Gosling, and he's currently taken, soooo . . .

Q: Have you gained weight?

A: I'm so glad you noticed! Excuse me while I grab my second slice of pie.

Q: What are you doing with your life?

A: Umm, it's called a quarter-life crisis.

Q: What happened to the guy you brought last Thanksgiving?

Source: NBC

A: Take a wild guess.

Q: When are you getting engaged?

Source: Fox

A: I keep wondering the same thing. JK. Who cares? Pass the stuffing.

Q: When are you going to start having kids? The clock's ticking, you know!

Source: Show Studio

A: I'm going to pretend you didn't just ask me that.