Heads Up, Lovers! Costco Is Selling 50 Stem Roses For Valentine's Day For Just $40

Your Valentine's Day checklist at Costco might include chocolate, ingredients for a romantic dinner, and . . . 50 roses? Believe it or not, the store is offering an incredible deal on a bouquet of 50 roses for just $40! The price includes shipping and handling, and you can schedule a delivery order ASAP — no membership required. This will undoubtedly be a popular item, so make sure you preorder the roses in time for Valentine's Day. Because of the perishable nature of the flowers, they do not ship Friday through Monday, and orders only arrive Tuesday through Friday. The deal will also only be good as long as supplies last, so if this is your ideal way to check off your V-Day to-do list, get 'em while you can.

Each order comes with two bunches of 25 stems wrapped in sleeves for protection (a vase is not included), and the roses are "hand-picked from our South American farms," Costco says. This just might be the way to get the most bang for your buck if you want to send someone a lot of roses this year, because what's more romantic than that?