Proposal Gives Special Meaning to "in Sickness and in Health"

Oh man. She's crying, he's crying, we're crying. This incredibly touching proposal on How He Asked is truly a testament to the wedding vow "in sickness and in health." At just 26 years old, this young woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her boyfriend not only stood by her side, he decided to propose at her surprise presurgery party. He shares the sweet story:

On May 16th, Brittany was diagnosed with breast cancer — she is 26 years old. Everything moved so fast and surgery was scheduled shortly after for May 30th. With the support of her friends and family, we planned a surprise pre-surgery party for her. I was able to keep the secret that I was going to propose from almost everyone except her mom, my mom, and her sisters, and in the middle of the party, I slipped away, changed into a pink shirt and a pink tie, and came back to get on one knee. She said yes, everything went great at the party, and she is doing great recovering!

Watch the video now — it'll have you appreciating life and love in a whole new way.

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Source: How He Asked