Every Single Woman Should Watch This Video About Being Called "Leftovers"

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In China, the term "sheng nu" — which translates to "leftover woman" — is offhandedly used to describe single women, many barely over the age of 25. Even in 2016, the single adult lifestyle is seen as embarrassing for these women's families, which explains the popularity of "marriage markets," matchmaking hubs wherein parents seek suitable partners for their shamefully single daughters. In this video from Chinese skin care brand SK-II, some of these so-called "leftovers" attempt to stand up against the pressure to settle . . . for a partner, lifestyle, or societal expectation that doesn't suit them.

Be sure to enable closed captions before pressing play, because you won't want to miss a single word of the empowering lessons these Chinese women learn when standing up to their families. Despite being called embarrassing, worrisome, and even ugly by their parents, this group of strong, beautiful women refuse to give in to pressure. In the end, they're able to share with their parents the joy and fulfillment of single life — at the marriage market, no less — taking steps to change their own destinies and erase the harmful stigma about unmarried women in Chinese society.

You'll find yourself sobbing, smiling, and eventually happy crying over the course of four minutes; trust us, this video is worth a watch.