This Madly-in-Love Couple Wasn't Afraid to Get Wet For This Sexy Boudoir Shoot

Sexy boudoir shoots aren't limited to individual portraits — now, more and more couples are getting in on the action. Instead of giving intimate photos to each other, Katlynn and her fiancé, Conrad, both got hot and wet for a couple's boudoir session in Bass Lake, CA. Photographer Courtney Aiello of Sage Imagery had been dreaming about a photo session like this for more than a year before putting out a call on Facebook for a "sexy madly in love couple that isn't afraid to get wet and sandy." Katlynn, a local young mother of two little boys, was the first to reply. Despite being warned that it would require being submerged in the water with possible bystanders, she was totally game.

What Courtney didn't know was that the couple got into a fight right before the shoot. The two hadn't even been talking, but Katlynn just knew they had to do the shoot when she saw Courtney's Facebook post. She messaged Conrad and asked if he would do the shoot with her that night, and he immediately replied saying that he'd love to. "The drive there was a little nerve-wracking, but once we started, the sparks were flying," she said. "Immediately both of us were reminded how stupid all the things we stress about are and how important our love for each other is. We had so much fun and no joke it's like the beginning of our relationship all over again with all the butterflies!"

When they reached Bass Lake, they began with some warmup photos on land and then went for it when the sun was starting to set. "I think I just told them to act like there wasn't a stranger floating in the water right next to them and make out and be sexy . . . but I don't think they needed much guidance," Courtney said. "These two clearly had amazing chemistry."

In between those steamy shots, Katlynn and Conrad weren't afraid to be goofy and playful with one another. The shoot served as the perfect reminder of why they fell in love in the first place. "I think it's really important for couples that have children to take some time to focus on each other and their passion," Courtney said. "As a mother myself I know it's all too easy to give our children all of our energy and love and forget that we also need to keep nurturing our more intimate relationship with our partner."

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