This 35-Pound Cat Upstaged the Bride and Groom When He Got His Own "Happily Ever After"

Kristi Odom

Despite being the bride and groom, Kiah Berkeley and Peter Sorkin aren't the stars of their own wedding photos. Instead, all eyes are on their 35-pound cat, Vito (formerly known as Symba the Tubby Tabby).

The newlyweds recently adopted Vito from the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington DC, but their new orange tabby couldn't attend their wedding, which was two hours away from home. Instead the wedding photographer, Kristi Odom, suggested that Vito take part in separate wedding photos the week after their nuptials, and it quickly became clear that he was the real star of their photo shoot. "As a wedding photographer I am constantly photographing love between two people," Kristi told POPSUGAR. "For this shoot, the love wasn't just between Kiah and Peter, but wow, those two really love Vito, and he is definitely a big part of their family and their home."

Now that Vito has joined his new loving family, Kiah told ABC News that their "fantastically fat cat" is focused on healthy living and adapting well to his new lifestyle. "Vito needs a lot of love and help to get back to being healthy, which is a long journey for any living being," Kristi added. "Him being in a house with so much heart is exactly what he needs. This cat who didn't have a home just a few weeks ago definitely got his happily ever after."