Prepare to Swoon Over This Epic Beauty and the Beast Proposal at Disney World

Disney fans, this Beauty and the Beast-inspired proposal story is going to steal your heart. The couple, Angel and Andrea, first met four years ago, and as Angel told POPSUGAR, "From the start, it was basically a fairy tale." They share a love for Disney and cosplay, and for their first Valentine's Day together, Angel made Andrea an enchanted rose that lights up and plays music. Fast forward to their magical Disney proposal, which, as Angel explained, "was a no-brainer."

Andrea had never been to Disney World, so Angel plotted out all the details for about a year and a half, including the custom ring he made for her. He enlisted the help of their best friends, another couple, who told Andrea they wanted to renew their vows at Disney World. Andrea was "ecstatic" to have a reason to go, and they introduced her to Disneybounding — an excuse for her and Angel to dress up as Belle and the Beast.

Fast forward to the big moment at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, where Angel managed to "shock" his other half. As Angel told POPSUGAR, here's what he said when he proposed: "I've loved you since the moment I saw you. I've spent a thousand lifetimes searching for someone like you. Andrea, will you let me love you until the last petal falls and beyond?" Of the special moment, he joked, "I know that sounds super cheesy, but given where we were and how cheesy I tend to be, it seemed fitting at the time." Too sweet! Check out more pictures and a video clip of the moment.

Courtesy of Angel