What This Man Gave His Girlfriend to Ease Her "Crippling" Anxiety and Depression

Loving someone who suffers from anxiety or depression is almost as difficult as being the one battling mental illness. You can be left feeling helpless trying to ease their invisible pain. One incredibly thoughtful man used his girlfriend's struggle as inspiration for a heartwarming gift.

Reddit user bovadeez shared a snapshot of a jar he filled with popsicle sticks for his partner. Each stick was painted either orange, yellow, pink, or white, and depending on the color, he wrote quotes, reminders, things to help her relax, or room for her to write a happy memory. "My girlfriend suffers from, at times, crippling depression and anxiety. I saw this idea somewhere online and decided to make her something like it," he wrote on Imgur.

He explained that he downloaded a photo of the project to his phone after he saw it online and finally decided to make it for her. "I'm almost 30 and have the penmanship of a 7-year-[old]. . . I can assure you my hands are covered in magic marker and fine-tipped sharpie," he commented on Reddit. "I considered doing print out labels but I really wanted this to have a touch of personality to it."

For those interested in making the project for their own significant others, the man explained that the purpose of this is for when his girlfriend gets overwhelmed and starts feeling like she's losing control. "For the yellow reminders, I said things that were positive and were reminders. So for example, I said things like, 'You're beautiful,' 'I love you,' 'Don't be afraid to ask for help,'" he wrote. "The quotes were taken from some of my favorite authors that were based in inspiration and positive words. The relaxation portions were things that I know she forgets to do like, 'take a break,' 'listen to your favorite song,' and so on."

This man explained that sometimes it's what words can't say that gets through to his girlfriend, like this gesture, and that although living with someone who shuts down during attacks can be difficult, it's the most rewarding relationship of his life. "She sometimes gets so caught in what she's doing she becomes overwhelmed and doesn't even realize it," he wrote. "I'm hoping that this will help her — even a little is a lot . . . She's very special to me. The least I can do is try to help."