You've Never Seen the Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Look This Glamorous

Decades since its release, Hocus Pocus still provides endless costume inspiration. Though major retailers sell Sanderson sister costumes that are pretty much exact replicas of the original looks, where's the fun in that when you can customize your own? Three DIY experts and devoted Disneyland fans recently put their retro twist on the iconic costumes.

Loni Catherine, Allison Erland aka Lady Damfino, and Yvette Aragon aka the Disneyland Mermaid all partake in the niche art of Disneybounding. What is Disneybounding? It's the styling of an outfit inspired by, but not precisely resembling, a Disney character. Since Disneyland and Walt Disney World have certain rules about how attendees can dress up as princesses and other characters — so as not to confuse children — these outfits are typically worn at the parks to pay homage to a character without breaking the rules.

This year, the three experts decided to apply their Disneybounding skills to Hocus Pocus, with Yvette dressed as Winifred, Allison as Mary, and Loni as Sarah. Each look has a unique pinup flair that transforms the Sanderson sisters into one glamorous girl gang. If you want to go with a more unexpected and personalized costume this year, take a few cues from these Disneybounding queens.