Take 1 Look at This Elderly Man's Instagram Account, and Your Heart Will Instantly Melt

If we could follow one Instagram account for the rest of our lives, it would definitely be Geoffrey Walker's. An elderly man in England, Geoffrey shares quotes, photos of his family, and most notably, adorable snapshots of his wife, Pauline — complete with the sweetest captions and even a few emoji every now and then. He was pretty much flying under the radar until a Twitter user decided to spread the word about his account, which catapulted him into viral Instagram fame.

Geoffrey now has quite the well-deserved fan base (more than 18,000 Instagram followers, to be exact!), and we can see why. He's taking relationship goals to a whole new level, making our hearts gush with every single post. Ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Read on for a handful of Geoffrey's most adorable posts to date, and be sure to read the captions!