These Women Who Don't "Fit the Mold" Will Take Your Breath Away

After a friend gave Julia Busato a mannequin in 2015, she realized that she had the potential to create something incredible.

The bare mannequin inspired this talented photographer to create a body-positive photo shoot to promote self-love. "My friend said she would love to flip the bird at society's standards, so we grabbed the mannequin and started shooting," Julia told POPSUGAR. "From there it just evolved as more people came forward asking to be part of it."

Each person who volunteered to strip down and pose showed exactly what it looks like when women don't "fit the mold," and their diverse beauty is breathtaking. "Each person has their own personal story about how they don't fit the standards expected from society," Julia said. "It's not just about weight anymore; it's about being happy in your own skin."

Julia wants everyone to see the strength that people radiate when they completely embrace who they are. She also hopes that people realize that the women in her photos aren't models — they are everyday women who are using the mannequin in different ways to express their personal stories. "The stories of struggle, courage, and triumph that I hear while planning the shoots touches my soul and motivates me to keep going," Julia said. "Their stories are theirs to tell, but they range from body issues to mental issues and physical health. I'm giving them an outlet to share their stories and help them heal."

This powerful series is still in progress, as Julia plans to continue adding subjects until it feels complete. "It lets people know that they aren't alone and it's OK to be different than the norm," Julia said. "I feel that it is so important for us all to band together and realize that we are all human, need love and support now matter our statues or body size."

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