Tweets Girls Say: Valentine's Day Edition

In this week's Tweets Girls Say, we're taking a sarcastic look at holiday we all love to hate (or hate to love), Valentine's Day. The funniest women on Twitter took to social media to chat about horrible gifts, being single on the holiday, and heart-shaped pizzas. Check 'em out now, and for even more funny, follow us on Twitter!

Valentine's Day is bullshit. (If I don't get something I will probably cry)

— kelly oxford (@kellyoxford) February 13, 2014

My boyfriend is totally going to love my Valentine's Day gift of not celebrating Valentine's Day!

— Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) February 11, 2014

I'm going as a slutty box of chocolates this Valentine's Day.

— jacqueline carbajal (@jackiecarbajal) February 10, 2014

valentine's day gift idea: a bouquet of churros

— erin (@home_napping) February 4, 2014

me on valentine's day

— Common White Girl (@girlposts) February 11, 2014

this Valentine's Day, tell me you love me by smothering me to death with all six of my pillows *DM for info

— Carrie Wittmer (@carriesnotscary) February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! Your relationship status does not dictate your self worth!

— Alison Agosti (@AlisonAgosti) February 14, 2014

Me and my career are celebrating our 29th beautiful Valentine's Day together! Such amazing work planned!

— Meghan O'Keefe (@megsokay) February 14, 2014

at least 45% of your coupled friends are only together b/c they had too much drunk sex& formed premature attachments. happy valentine's day!

— Sputnik Sweetheart (@Verlieren) February 14, 2014

Deactivating my facebook two days before Valentine's Day was the best decision I have ever made.

— Ari Scott (@ariscott) February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day for ladies is just fancy Halloween. Dress up, get candy, and talk about the future to scare the shit out of your boyfriend.

— Chelsea Davison (@chelsea_davison) February 14, 2014

this valentine’s day, tell that special someone how you feel by sending a bouquet of unsolicited dick pics

— pilot (@pilotbacon) February 14, 2014

My cat woke me up with her incessant howling this morning. I guess someone can't wait to start her valentine's day festivities.

— Shannon E. R. (@ShannESays) February 14, 2014

I'm meh about Valentine's Day plans, but I'm very interested in your plans for the Global Day to Honor Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women.

— Mandi Harris (@MandiHarris) February 14, 2014

American Horror Story: Valentine's Day

— Babe (@notbabewalker) February 14, 2014

[CARRIE V.O.]: In New York, a girl can spend her Valentine's Day Spacey. And from streaming shows to screaming "Oh!," Samantha...

— Sex and the City 3 (@SATC3quel) February 14, 2014

how many valentine's day convos will begin with "So..uh, we need to talk"?

— Maritza Lugo (@PolaRoid_Rage) February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day is always especially hard for me. I won't be able to relax until I'm positive I'm not getting any heart-shaped jewelry

— Kim (@Kim_pulsive) February 14, 2014

cause of death: my instagram feed on valentine's day

— Sputnik Sweetheart (@Verlieren) February 14, 2014

One time on Valentine's day my boyfriend got mad bc he took me to a really expensive restaurant and I told our waiter "I wish I were gay"

— AmberTozer (@AmberTozer) February 14, 2014

valentine's day plans

— 50 Shades of Awkward (@OhWowThatsAwk) February 12, 2014

I wish there were an app that automatically unfriended any of your Facebook friends who get engaged on Valentine's Day.

— Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) February 12, 2014

My plans for Valentine's Day are extremely similar to your widowed grandmother's plans.

— jacqueline carbajal (@jackiecarbajal) February 12, 2014