Green's the Theme of This Garden Wedding — and It's Stunning

There's something inherently romantic about strolling through a green, deliciously fragrant garden during the warmer seasons, with or without a partner in tow. Couple Chelsea and Ben tied the knot in the midst of leafy plants and flowers in Janesville, WI — and we're sort of in love with everything about it.

"Our goal was to create an intimate and timeless wedding to share with our most precious family and friends," the couple said. "We have been together for eight and a half years and have grown up together, so exchanging vows in my mom's garden was something magical. We tried to be as relaxed and realistic as possible throughout the planning process. It's amazing how perfect our day was. We could not have dreamt of a more beautiful and meaningful wedding."

We'd have to agree: this ceremony seems perfect. Ahead are all the captivating photos!