This Guy Put His Face on a Blanket as a Gift For His Girlfriend and the Internet Is Losing It

bitch i got my boyfriend on a blanket i am the most headass and idc i love it i love him

— holly jolly rat (@alysonsoswaggy) December 18, 2016

Long-distance relationships are hard, but one girl just shared her secret to making them a lot more bearable. Twitter user alysonsoswaggy posted the photos above showing off her hoodie-wearing boyfriend, Exavier — in cuddly blanket form.

The young lovers have been dating for nearly six months but rarely get to hang out because they don't live in the same city, according to BuzzFeed. In an effort to make sure Alyson is warm on cold nights, Exavier had the bright idea to send her a blanket with his face on it, and thus the world's most adorable, snuggly gift was born. And as you can clearly see, Alyson loves it — just look at her smile! She adores the blanket — and her boyfriend — and she's not afraid who knows it!

Her blanket quickly stole the hearts of her fellow tweeters, as it has garnered more than 50,000 retweets and 130,000 "likes" in just a few days. Not to mention other people replied to Alyson's tweet with some pretty hilarious reactions, which you can read below.

@alysonsoswaggy is it soft that's all that matters

— sariri (@brxown) December 19, 2016

@alysonsoswaggy @CompletelyDee where you make that at that shit tough 💪🏾I'm stealing yo idea I need one for my girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— X・XXVII・MMXVI❤️️💍 (@ASVPGODZ) December 18, 2016

@alysonsoswaggy @meghanoconnnell I know what I want for Christmas from my boyfriend😉

— Kathleen Fong (@kaatthhhh) December 19, 2016

@alysonsoswaggy HOW U DID THIS

— y a i (@yaiflakes) December 18, 2016