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This Pretty Greek Elopement Is the Escape We Need Right Now

This Gorgeous Greek Elopement Is the Stunning Escape We Need Right Now

This Pretty Greek Elopement Is the Escape We Need Right Now

In a time when everything from happy hours to baby showers must be attended virtually, dreaming about lavish weddings seems like a faraway thought. Intimate gatherings like small elopements are easier to wish for, even when they are miles from home. Last year, photographer Rebecca Carpenter and event planner Valentina Ring worked together on this styled shoot on the island of Oia in Santorini, Greece, with the hopes of highlighting a couple's shared passion for travel and their adventurous love story. This romantic elopement showcased the beginning of a new chapter for Louise and Rob, as well as a celebration of their love for each other. The heartfelt beauty and simplicity of a wedding like this was able to highlight the intimate love the two share with each other.

On a romantic island in Greece surrounded by the sea, this gorgeous shoot revolved around the design idea of connecting the sky and the sea together in equal harmony. With dreamy celestial details and bright blue ocean backdrops, the cosmopolitan town of Oia offered charming views of every angle of the Caldera and the Aegean Seas, making every photo look as beautiful as a postcard. Pristine and minimal decor was used to truly embody the feeling of the new bride and groom being alone together on top of the world. From standing on top of a small church to enjoying intimate views only the two of them could see, every image was taken in the hopes of capturing the intimacy of their private love.

The bride was adorned in three designer gowns throughout the shoot — the first by Ersa Atelier, the second by Sottero & Midgley, and the third by Lee Petra Grebenau. Different hair and makeup looks were paired with each dress, making Louise look like a vision every time. From classical to sultry, the looks remained deeply romantic and very much in tune with the alluring feel of Santorini.

This gorgeous wedding eye candy is fueling our wanderlust and inspiring our future wedding planning, and we hope it does the same for you. Until weddings and special gatherings can happen in safe and healthy environments, dreaming about these sweet escapes makes it all the more exciting. Read ahead to see the gorgeous photos from the shoot, and get inspired to have a destination elopement of your own one day.

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