Take a Look Inside the Sexiest Scenes From Fifty Shades — as Told by Christian Grey

Flogging fun and finger f*cks for all! That's pretty much what you'll be getting if you read E L James's follow-up to the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Titled simply Grey, the novel is Fifty Shades told from the the perspective of the man himself. Christian Grey's voice is distinctive from Anastasia's, and he certainly has a way with words as well. His favorite word? We're going to go with "c*ck," considering it comes up in this book a lot — pun most definitely intended. Like the original, Grey is full of extremely sexy (and highly descriptive) scenes, so we've pulled out some of the hottest excerpts we could find. NSFW, obviously.

That Famous Elevator Scene

"In the confines of the elevator, I am completely aware of her. A trace of her sweet fragrance invades my senses . . . Her breathing alters, hitching a little, and she peeks up at me with a bright come-hither look. Sh*t. She bites her lip. She's doing this on purpose. And for a split second I'm lost in her sensual, mesmerizing stares. She doesn't back down. I'm hard. Instantly. I want her. Here. Now. In the elevator. 'Oh, f*ck the paperwork.' The words come from nowhere and on instinct I grab her and push her against the wall. Clasping both her hands, I pin them above her head so she can't touch me, and once she's secure, I twist my other hand in her hair while my lips seek and find hers. She moans into my mouth, the call of a siren, and finally I can sample her: mint and tea and an orchard of mellow fruitfulness. She tastes every bit as good as she looks. Reminding me of a time of plenty. Good lord. I am yearning for her. I grasp her chin, deepening the kiss, and her tongue tentatively touches mine . . . exploring. Considering. Feeling. Kissing me back."

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When Anastasia Hands Over Her V-Card

"Should I be gentle and prolong the agony, or do I go for it? I go for it. I need to possess her. 'I'm going to f*ck you know, Miss Steele. Hard.' One thrust and I'm inside her. F.U.C.K. She's so f*cking tight . . . She's like heaven on earth, so tight around me . . . I want so much from her: her trust, her obedience, her submission. I want her to be mine, but right now . . . I'm hers."

Christian Teaches Ana Oral . . . and She Gets an A+

"I thrust into her again and again, watching my c*ck disappear and reappear from her mouth. It's beyond erotic . . . I'm undone . . . crying out my pleasure . . . My breathing is labored. She's completely disarmed me . . . again! That was one hell of a blow job. 'Don't you have a gag reflex?' I marvel at her as I catch my breath. 'Christ, Ana . . . that was . . . good, really good. Unexpected though. You know, you never cease to amaze me.' Praise for a job well done."

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When Christian Finger F*cks Her

"I breathe against her lips, and kiss her, all the while keeping up the relentless rhythm with my fingers and thumb. She tastes of wine and need and Ana. And she kiss me back with a hunger I've not felt in her before. I cradle the top of her head, keeping her in place, and continue to kiss and finger-f*ck her. As her legs stiffen, I drop the pace of my hand. Oh, no baby. You're not coming yet. I do this three more times while kissing her warm, sweet mouth. The fifth time I still my fingers inside her, and I hum soft and slow in her ear, 'This is your punishment, so close and yet so far. Is this nice?"

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Ana's Naughty Behavior Earns Her a Spanking

"With great care — relishing the deed — I tug down her sweatpants. Her beautiful behind is naked and ready for me. As I place my hand on her backside, she tenses every muscle in her body . . . waiting. Her skin is soft to the touch and I sweep my palm across both cheeks, fondling each. She has a fine, fine ass. And I'm going to make it pink . . . like the champagne."

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Flogging Fun For All

"I flick the flogger over her, again and again, and she writhes beneath each blow . . . I climb onto the bed between her legs and crawl over her, holding myself above her. When the music starts again, the lone voice singing a seraphic note, I follow the same pattern as the glove and the flogger — but this time with my mouth, kissing and sucking and worshipping every inch of her body. I tease each of her nipples until they are glistening with my saliva and standing at attention . . . My tongue trails down to her belly, around her navel, laving her. Tasting her. Venerating her. Moving down, through her pubic hair to her sweet, exposed clitoris that's begging for the touch of my tongue. Around and around I swirl, drinking in her scent, drinking in her reaction, until I feel her tremble beneath me."

Christian Gets Kinky

"I slip the panties into the back pocket of my jeans and stand, considering my next move. Holding out the crop, I run it over her belly and gently circle her navel with the keeper . . . the leather tongue. She sucks in her breath and tremors at the touch. This will be good, Ana. Trust me."

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